Greetings, fellow movie geeks! Welcome to FilmNerd, where I ramble on about movies and not much else. From here, you can expect to find reviews of all kinds of movies, from today’s hottest new releases to classic films of a bygone era and even some lesser known movies that I like to spotlight.

First and foremost, I would like to make sure everyone understands that these reviews are NOT definitive. While I may like or dislike a certain film, that does not mean you should do the same. If you like a movie that I don’t, fine. By all means, go out and enjoy it. I will never take that away from you. In fact, I applaud you for finding something to enjoy that I couldn’t. On that same token, I don’t want you to check out a movie simply because I liked it. While I do want to expose people to some movies they may not have heard of before and encourage them to check them out, I don’t want people to think of me as the end-all-be-all of movie reviews, meaning that people only go see a film because I said it was good. Make your own decisions and don’t let others tell you what you should and shouldn’t watch. Unless it’s an Adam Sandler movie, in which case it will most likely suck and leave you feeling frustrated and angry.

So, sit back and relax with your favorite movie snack, be it popcorn, nachos, candy, a pretzel, or whatever, as well as your favorite soda, and enjoy some reviews of movies from a guy who has way too much time on his hands.